What We Do - Educate, Encourage, Enhance!

ComancheTraining.com provides professional grade training in a structured manner to Comanche and Twin Comanche pilots and owners.  We provide training in Flight Operations and Maintenance. We offer two Flight Operations courses: the Flight Operations Clinic, a Piper Comanche flight training course and Real World IFR Refresher, a recurrent training class for IFR pilots of all aircraft types.

We also have a maintenance oriented course for Piper Comanche owners, our Service Clinic, for those interested in learning more about the maintenance aspects of Comanche operation

The Flight Operations Clinic consists of ground and optional flight training periods. The ground period is an interactive aircraft systems review, helping pilots better understand the operation of critical aircraft systems. The flight period is optional, allowing pilots to enhance their knowledge of the flight characteristics of their Comanche. Pilots completing the flight period may be eligible for a FAR 61.56 Flight Review or 61.57(d) IPC.

The Real World IFR Refresheris specifically for the instrument rated pilot who wants to become more comfortable, proficient or just savvy about operating in today's complex IFR environment. This is a dedicated IFR focused course, open to instrument rated pilots of all aircraft types. This program is open to IFR pilots of all aircraft types and custom tailored to your aircraft and avionics.

The Service Clinic is designed for the owner that takes a more "hands-on" approach to aircraft ownership. During the Service Clinic we have a classroom period that reviews current and popular Comanche specific maintenance issues. There is also an optional Aircraft Survey where critical areas of your aircraft are looked at, with you, by an experienced Comanche Tech Advisor, to show you what certain areas of your Comanche deserve a little extra scrutiny during your normal walk around.

Details for these courses can be found under the Courses tab above or simply by clicking on the name of course.


The staff of ComancheTraining.com are the most experienced Comanche instructors in the country. As the founding group of modern Comanche specific pilot training, we have trained more Comanche pilots than any other training organization. We are not only highly experienced professional pilots but we are professional instructors as well.  Instructing is not just a time building sideline for us, it is our dedicated profession. Come fly with us and see the difference.


George H. Richmond - Chief Instructor: ATP, CFI-I, MEI, IGI, AGI
44 yrs.of experience in Airline, Corporate and General Aviation.
35 yrs. of active instructing, in both Airline and GA positions. Former Airline training manager and FAA Designated Check Airman.
43 years of active Comanche flying.
Developed and implemented numerous FAA Approved Airline and GA Training programs.
Extensive "Glass" cockpit and advanced GPS/RNAV experience
Experienced in all PA-24/30/39 models.
Currently owns and operates a "glass cockpit" equipped PA-30