Comanche Pilots Service Clinic

A Comanche Maintenance Service Clinic is a interactive seminar and hands-on event for the Comanche owner that wants to know more about how to keep their Comanche mechanically safe and sound, while getting the most out of their maintenance dollars.

Part I of the Maintenance Seminar is a classroom based discussion on the care and feeding of the twin and single engine Comanches. Topics such as: Comanche systems, aging aircraft issues, the most critical AD's & correct compliance
( Special emphasis on the recent tail horn AD and Piper SB), good maintenance practices and not so good maintenance practices, correct paper work, log book entries etc. FAR 43 owner permitted maintenance items, owner maintenance responsibilities, STC's, owner produced parts and tips on smart ways to reduce your overall Comanche maintenance expenses are discussed during the program. This is the time to make notes and ask "Everything I wanted to know about my Comanche, but forgot to ask".

Part II is a hands-on hangar floor event. This in an individual Comanche Survey of your aircraft with an experienced Comanche Maintenance tech. The Comanche survey entails about two hours with the tech looking over your airplane. This is the fun part where you and your mechanic (if desired) get up close and personal with your Comanche. Your aircraft will be raised up on jacks surveyed for a show and tell, touch and feel look at your Comanche’s systems. The general condition of your airplane plus emphasis on highlighted systems are exposed for you and your mechanic (if desired) to see all and discuss possible recommendations you may want to consider. A written Comanche survey form will be completed and given to you upon survey completion. This is not a annual. You will be able to discuss the survey findings with the maintenance tech. While waiting for your turn up on jacks you can discuss your personal Comanche issues with knowledgeable Comanche people. You also can have your planes log books and other records reviewed for the correct entries and paper work etc. Part II is be a busy time and a great opportunity for you to really get to know more about your Comanche.

The cost of proper care and maintenance of your Comanche is the most expensive aspect of ownership. You owe it to your passengers and your wallet to make sure it’s done correctly and that your get the most cost-effective maintenance you can. This Clinic focuses on those issues. Whether you like to get your hands dirty working on your Comanche or would like to be a better maintenance manager, this clinic is for you. If your mechanic is either new to Comanches or just needs a refresher, they are welcome to join you as well.

Comanche Pilots Service Clinic

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