Piper Comanche Flight Clinic

This is our foundational course, the core of ComancheTraining.com . Continuing the legacy of the original Piper Comanche factory training program our ComancheTraining.com course brings updated and expanded information to the Comanche pilot community. If you are a new Comanche pilot this is the perfect initial training. If you're a veteran Comanche owner this course offers that all important recurrent training essential to keeping your skills and knowledge fresh, not to mention keeping your insurance company happy. This course is also a great introduction to those pilots considering Comanche ownership, providing the information and knowledge necessary for that critical pre-buy process.

This flight clinic offers both ground and flight training (optional) covering all models of the Comanche, PA-24-180, -250, 260, 400 and the PA-30 and PA-39 Twin Comanche. Over a 2-3 day weekend we thoroughly review the history, design and operation of the Comanche and how to get the most from the it.

Day 1 is a comprehensive aircraft systems review. Patterned after major airline ground school classes, our professional instructors, all of whom own and operate their own Comanches and have for decades,  dive into how the systems of the Comanche were designed, how they should be normally operated and how to deal with common malfunctions, all from a pilots perspective. This lively, classroom material is interspersed with questions and real world experiences of the class participants.

The classroom session is followed up with a period of how to most safely and efficiently fly your Comanche. We introduce Standard Operating Procedures developed and proven over many years that reduce pilot workload and increase situational awareness, resulting in a safer, more comfortable flight operation.

Day 2 begins with a hands-on lab session out in the hangar. Here a Comanche is placed on jacks and the operation of the landing gear system is focused on. Each pilot is trained and then practices the manual (emergency) gear extension procedure. We also lead a comprehensive preflight walk-around, pointing out the specific emphasis items to look for during your preflight and this pulls together all the classroom areas taught the day before.

After the lab session the flight training periods begin. These flight instruction periods are optional but highly recommended. Each pilot is offered up to 3 hours of individual, custom tailored flight training. These flight training periods may qualify as a FAR 61.56 Flight Review (aka BFR) or a FAR 61.57(d) Instrument Proficiency Check. 

Pilots may choose to take the full program, both ground school and flight training, or for a reduced cost simply take the ground school and lab sessions.