Real World IFR Refresher

An IFR review course for the instrument rated pilot.

The Real World IFR Refresher provides a comprehensive review of the modern IFR procedures needed to conduct safe, efficient Single Pilot IFR operations in single engine and light twin aircraft. This course will enhance the practical IFR knowledge, procedures, and instrument flying skills of the already rated IFR pilot. For those who only fly IFR occasionally or those who want to boost their IFR proficiency, this multi-day clinic of classroom and flight instruction provides an opportunity to review, update, and improve your IFR knowledge and instrument flying skills.

The Classroom Portion: The Real World IFR Refresher covers a variety of IFR topics:

  • IFR system review; how to use the IFR system efficiently, what are the choices?
  • Preflight Planning: Weather and routing, IFR departure, enroute and arrival/approach considerations.
  • Communications: What do I say, how and when do I say it? When and how do I say NO to ATC?
  • How do I get the most out of the IFR system? Explore ATCs ability to help and their limitations.
  • SID, DP, OPD, STAR, RNAV, ILS, LOC, VOR, ASR, visual, contact and circling approaches: When, why and how do I use certain procedures?  
  • Systems and equipment failures: They happen. Learn how to manage these situations and avoid turning "non-normals" into emergencies.                                                                                      And much more.

Real World IFR Refresher emphasizes the practical application of flying IFR. Scenario Based training is conducted through discussion and interaction between instructors and attendees, supplemented by video presentations. This interactive training style gives attendees an opportunity to test their judgment skills solving real world IFR issues. Decision making skills are refined and parameters are explored in this lively classroom setting. This full day training session offers pilots the opportunity to review fundamentals, gain new information and promote sound IFR thinking and flying skills.

The Flying Portion: Practical application of Classroom Knowledge.

The dual flying portion is an opportunity to hone your IFR flying skills with a experienced  CFII. This is conducted in a relaxed atmosphere to promote your learning and help you gain more IFR skill and confidence in flying Single Pilot IFR. Together you and your instructor determine what IFR areas you want to emphasize and maybe explore some of the IFR “Tricks of the trade”. The goal is for you to gain practical knowledge and develop a higher skill level in flying IFR. 

This clinic will be informative, enjoyable, and a lot of fun. Do you want to become a more proficient, confident, and safer IFR pilot? The Real World IFR Refresher is for you!